Almost without exception, when people are considering counseling it is because they are looking to make changes in their lives.

These changes might be in the form of behaviors, thoughts, feelings, or life circumstances, which are causing problems and/or emotional discomfort to the individual or their family.

Change is a natural, normal part of our lives. Counseling is an appropriate step for anyone who wants to change a destructive behavior, is experiencing a life transition, or simply feels stuck .

Other areas that people often seek therapy for are anger, depression, anxiety or just feeling “empty”.

Ms. Connell believes that helping her clients overcome life’s hurdles to reach their full potential is best achieved through a partnership approach with each client.

A customized plan will be developed using flexible techniques that may include traditional therapy, regression and/or past life regression therapy, education, play therapy, homework assignments, etc.

What Changes Would You Like to Make?

  I would like to…

  • be a better parent
  • end a destructive relationship
  • set boundaries
  • be able to say “no”
  • become self-reliant
  • stop negative thinking
  • start a new life chapter
  • learn how to express my feelings
  • control my anger
  • go back to school
  • develop healthier habits
  • figure out who I am
  •  other